Welcome to Pemberton Pantry Kiosk, here you can see information on our suppliers, or place an order for click and collect local produce at what you will find are incredibly affordable prices!!

Milawa Bread

We stock a huge range of Milawa Bread!! fresh 6 days a week!! CLICK ON THE LINK ABOVE for special orders, or on the button below to find out more.

more info on Milawa Bread

Pemberton Pantry stocks a massive range of Murray Rriver Smokehouse products. Formally “Butts Smokehouse”, theese guys have been an institution in smoked goods. Their reputation preceeds them and naturally we stock a huge range of their fine goods.

Soon to be avaliable via our online store, click the link below to find out more!!

Pemberton Pantry stocks all its fresh meat from borella butchery!! Steaks from the local region and premium Tasmanian beef. Award winning Bacon + Ham also avliable retail at the Pantry!!!

Soon to be avliable on our online store!!

Let’s build something together.

“Our Vision” at the pantry is to offer a retail space to local suppliers. Unfortunately, the optimisation of logistics and nationalisation of supermarket chains has had significant impact on the avaliability of localised goods to consumers.

“Our dream” is to integrate small circles of trade, offering a retail space traditionally avaliable for local producers. Helping them develop there own brand. All of our products are representaive of these suppliers retail prices, with the profits offsetting the extra cost of using premium produce in our kitchen, allowing us to deliver delicious, nutrious and local gormet food at everyday prices 7 Days a week. Remember when you shop at the pantry your helping all of our suppliers too!!!

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